Flash memory technology enhances self-driving car data solvency, says Western Digital

Many different technology trends are converging at the forefront of autonomous vehicle control, including mApping technologies, mApping and sensor technology advancements, and flash memory technology.
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The Moto Z2 Force hands-on : 2x cameras and a Moto Mod

The Motorola-made Moto Z2 Force is out in reviewers hands – ours included – and today we’re taking a peek at what’s in the box. In our full Moto Z2 Force Review we’ll have a peek at what it means to u...
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Gucci's latest fashion is a retro sci-fi mashup

While some designers look to the future of fashion and tech, Gucci is going back to what 1960s and '70s Hollywood thought the future would be. For its Gucci and Beyond Winter Instagram campaign, the f...
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杉果推出开发者平台和 「跃计划」 出资 8000 万元扶植独立游戏

杉果开发者平台旨在为开发者群体提供自由沟通的平台,同时提供技术、咨询服务,帮助开发者缩短研发周期和开发便利,此外,杉果也可鉴于优秀的开发作品,协助进行推广 ... 「跃计划」 将提供 8000 万的初期扶植资金池给开发者们,同时还免费为开发者们提供版号过审服务,在游戏上线后,游戏的收入将采取 3、7 分成,为开发者提供长线的收益 ... 杉果游戏 CEO 吴立表示,在给予开发者方便的同时,杉果将对用户负责,严把...
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Apple discontinues iPod nano and shuffle and doubles iPod touch capacities to 32GB and 128GB

Get out the Kleenex and hit play on the Boyz II Men musical montages — it’s officially the end of an era. Three years after discontinuing the iPod classic, Apple is finally doing the same its lower-en...
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格局逐渐走向稳定 VR 巨头内容升级战

从迅速爆发、产品更新迭代到行业回归理性,经历 「过山车」 式发展的 VR 产业格局逐渐走向稳定,HTC Vive、索尼 PSVR 和 Oculus Rift 三大设备巨头三足鼎立,硬件产品的迭代也逐渐从追求速度进入新的质量成长期 ... 要让 VR 产品不落灰,最重要的是内容,一个是面要做广,另一方面摸索 VR 真正的杀手级应用,有好的内容作支撑这个事情就做起来了 ... 现在 VR 行业还算是刚刚开始,添田武人认为大家都还...
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Kickstarter co-founder and CEO Yancey Strickler will step down this year

Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter co-founder and CEO, is going to step down from his role at the company later this year, he wrote in a blog post last night. Kickstarter is now actively looking for a repl...
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前进与后退,快餐与精品;坚守的网大中 「北京树莓影视」 能靠 「精品 + 女性向」 取胜吗?

36 氪近期接触到的北京树莓影视还深耕在网大的市场里,相信着精品路线能跑出网大的一片天地 ... 与大部分粗制滥造相比,成立于去年 8 月的北京树莓影视(以下简称树莓影视)有着来自厦门母公司的资金和资源支持,把带有这强烈互联网基因的影视团队从母公司中独立出来在创始人吴立素看来是实现精品化网大的第一步 ... 正如所有内容生产方都面临的 " 二八原则一样,树莓影视如何在众多的 CP 方中把自己锤炼成头部的 20% 才...
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Just Eat is trialling restaurant deliveries like Deliveroo

For the longest time, all takeaway sites were the same. You searched by post code or cuisine type and then browsed the businesses listed in your local area. Then Deliveroo came along with its army of...
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9to5Toys Lunch Break: Bose SoundLink Speaker $70, Leather Apple Watch Band $8, CarPlay Receiver + GC $240 off, more

Keep up with the best gear and deals on the web by signing up for the 9to5Toys Newsletter. Also, be sure to check us out on: Twitter, RSS Feed, Facebook, Google+ and Safari push notifications. more…...
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懒投资,尝试一下改变你的理财方式总管家云 CRM,客户管理、订单管理、项目管理小密圈,移动互联网上的私密社交平台明道,也许是国内最优秀的企业协作软件,之一加不加不确定你也许需要这样一个与代码作斗争的战场倍洽,更好的解决企业协作及消息汇总处理问题微基因,基因解读与个性化健康服务XSWITCH,基于 FreeSWITCH,稳定灵活易用的软交换机和通讯解决方案读库,我们把书做好,等您来发现蓝客分队,面向「全国交付」的一站式 IT 服务外包平台一起写,耳目一新的云端 Office英语流利说,从入门到精通,你也可以英语流利说Ping++,领先的交易大数据商业智能和分析平台拉勾云人事:帮你省人、省时、省钱的人事管理系统石墨文档,可多人实时协作的云端文档和表格又拍云,为您提供一站式加速解决方案数码荔枝,各类优质正版软件,让你的电脑更好用知人,一站整合人事、薪酬、福利和出勤,智能人力资源管理专家你所看到的这个网站,就架设在 UCloud 上做生意,用有赞,您的移动零售解决方案得到,听大咖讲干货,得到让你日日精进